Sometimes I get the opportunity of either working on other artists projects or the chance to have my work displayed and featured among other artists work.

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Doing Time - Ella Bryden


An experimental moving image piece - documenting actions that prisoners do to pass their time in a cell, being performed in a vast open space. Showing the unusual behaviours, and introducing the idea that when in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, it will affect your behaviour even when out of that situation.



Stolen good campaign by London’s finest Oiboy clothing, show the new fall range of clothing inspired by the gritty high-street atmosphere found in England. To go alongside the campaign video Oiboy released a new photography look book included model Izz Moriarty Thompson.


the chav show - Dylan Hartigan


The exhibition presents a celebration of the word Chav, questioning why the word Chav, is such a negative term and if so, why is its image so desirable and widely performed by upper classes when its predominantly deemed as a working-class majority.

Challenging Stereotypes-Robbie Gray


A photography publication discussing and distinguishing the problem within todays society by asking, Does someone’s judgment of someone else effect the decisions and behaviour that we make within ourselves?

Art & music exhibition

An exhibition delivering upcoming artist to show off their work and enjoy a evening of conversation and buzz around design. From live music performances to contemporary artwork the exhibitions proved to be on to remember.

Nouveau exhibition

An Exhibition dedicated to the upcoming graphic designers of Bristol. Lots of ideas, great artists and a highly creative display.

Everyone loves a bargain -

Dylan Hartigan


If it isn’t the TV telling you “you! YES YOU! How about a bargain?” or the High street painted in “Sale closing soon” posters, I’d be led to assume that every single human loves a bloody bargain. Dylan decided to take it into his own hands and go into the streets of Bristol to ask high-street shoppers, who loves a bargain, to find out is this well known phrase accurate.



Tribe is a Bristol focussed fashion culture and lifestyle magazine looking into what choices people are making regarding their image. The magazine is made up of interviews as well as street photography capturing the individual looks. Other sections of the magazine also include write ups of streetwear and fashion events, best independent shops in the city as well as brand focuses.